Come discover our Cafe-Restaurant in the Halle aux Oliviers and our Finger Food – Bar in the Forum Enjoy a meal while listening to live music in a festive atmosphere!

The Cafe-Restaurant in the Halle aux Oliviers

The Bellevilloise’s Halle aux Oliviers and its mezzanine – which is available for private bookings – houses an authentic little garden in the heart of Paris, with 150 m² of centenary olive trees, Washingtonia palm trees, bistro tables and Chesterfield sofas, in a blend of urban and contemporary styles. It is the perfect place to enjoy dinner any night of the week, brunch on the weekend, or a cocktail, to discover an exhibition and meet up with friends or for a more intimate rendezvous… And all of this around a table of fresh and savory home-made cuisine. Forget about the traditional starter-main course-dessert meal! Here, guests meet up after work or before attending a concert, to share new flavorful experiences amid our green space in the heart of Paris. For birthday celebrations, engagement parties, or other special events of up to 50 guests, we offer customized group menus. For larger events of up to 1,000 guests, please refer to our “Professionals” section. Our cuisine: in terms of culinary conception, the Bellevilloise offers an approach that strives to recover the creative and playful aspect of food, through unexpected blends of savors, and positions itself in the current philosophy that aims to restore the liveliness of fine food, in contrast with a more traditional gastronomy.
Neo-bistro cuisine, new menu, new wine selection Cafe-Restaurant, concerts in the “Halle aux Oliviers” Entrance: 19, rue Boyer 75020 Paris T. 01 46 36 07 07 then press “2” on voice server

The Forum is open according to the program The Terrace is open to the public when weather permits

Bar – Finger Food

Five meters of high ceilings, natural volumes, mezzanines, and a bar – all in an art deco style. It is the perfect place for big exhibitions, art and crafts fairs, and is a very popular space for media to host live radio or television shows, among which OUI FM’s acoustic sessions, France Culture’s Radio Libre or the monthly Francofans show which puts the spotlight on its selection of favorite artists. Our terrace overlooks the rooftops of Menilmontant, making it the ideal spot for private or public receptions and events. Weather permitting, this stunning suspended garden will welcome you among the palm trees, flowers, in the shade of the arbors and pergola. With the south-west exposure and holiday atmosphere, time almost seems to stand still… Our cuisine: the Bellevilloise’s culinary conception is based on offering modernized and revisited traditional recipes. Like a tip of the hat to local references without lapsing into bygone traditions.


The Cafe-Restaurant is open: WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY from 7 p.m. FRIDAY & SATURDAY 1st sitting at 7:30 p.m. ; 2nd sitting at 10:45 p.m. SATURDAY LUNCH Bar & Finger Food from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. SUNDAY BRUNCH 1st sitting from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.2nd sitting from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.



Jazz Brunch on Sundays

And public holidays…

We know all too well the blissful leisure of a relaxing day off… Which is why we decided to host our brunches on public holidays as well. So, good news: you’ll have access to our all-you-can-eat buffet of sweet and salty foods, under the olive trees in the Halle, on every public holiday this year too, while enjoying our usual acoustic live performances – blending pleasure and comfort! Two sittings at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm Brunch Menu + Jazz Concert: 29 € (children below 12 years old: 13 €)

All-you-can-eat buffet, select with your eyes and then dig-in!

Little extras (additional fees): freshly pressed orange juice: 4 € Smoothie: 4.50 € / Iced Coffee / Cappuccino / Latte / Macchiato: 3.50 € / Espresso / Decaf: 2 €

Brunch Menu + Jazz Concert: 29 € (children below 12 years old: 13 €)

UNLIMITED BEVERAGES: Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fruit juices

SALTY DISHES: Scrambled eggs, Fried bacon and sausages, Quiches, Fried potatoes, Stir-fried vegetables, Mixed salads (tabbouleh, coleslaw, mesclun, tomato salad), Condiments, Marinated and mashed vegetables, Shellfish, Smoked salmon, Veggie dips, Selection of ham and cheeses, Terrines and patés

SWEET FOODS: Cookies, Brownies, Muffins, Crepes, Waffles, Mini-pastries, Fruit tarts: apple, raspberry, Flans, Cottage cheese and fruit sauce, Chocolate mousse, Fruit salad, Fresh fruit, Slow-baked meringue and custard, Jams, Honey, Maple syrup, Pastes

And other dishes and delicacies depending on the season and produce!