Philippe Jupin

Philippe JUPIN

Founder, Associate Director of ORIZA Sarl / La Bellevilloise.

Programming director of La Bellevilloise.

T. 01 53 27 35 77

It all starts with a meeting with Féla Kuti, Nigerian singer, saxophonist, conductor and politician. Féla was the founder of the « Republic of Kalakuta » organization in Nigeria, inventor of Afrobeat, a fusion of funk, jazz, West African music and traditional Nigerian music. Philippe Jupin will accompany the organization of Féla’s tours for 5 years. He then « entered » the world of music as head of purchasing for the music department of the FNAC, then specialized in world music, founding and co-managing Mad Minute Musique, a production agency for concerts and tours of world music: Kassav, Salif Keïta, Cheb Mami, Mory Kanté…In 1986, he produced the album « Bwana, zoulou gang » with the artists Jacques Higelin, Charlelie Couture, Tom Novembre, Alain Bashung, Walli Badarou and Manu Dibango. He joined Renaud Barillet in the framework of the Archipel company (1996) for the management of world artists, in particular Ray Lema, famous pianist, guitarist, and composer whom he accompanied for 10 years.

In 2006, he joined Renaud Barillet and Fabrice Martinez in the reopening of La Bellevilloise to the public, where he has since been associate director in charge of programming.

Philippe Jupin also continues to support the development of artists such as in 2010, the group « La Caravane Passe » through the label he runs with Renaud Barillet: « Juste une attitude ».