Renaud BARILLET, 45 years old

Founder, associate general manager of LA BELLEVILLOISE.

Managing Director of the CULTPLACE group, a factory of cultural living spaces.

President of Réseau des Musiques Actuelles de Paris (M.A.P) and of the Association de Médiation pour un Usage Optimal de la Nuit « Les Pierrots de la Nuit« .

President of the Association des Concerts Lamoureux

Résumé :

As a young man in the 90s, he was first involved in the activities of humanitarian and artistic associations (Amnesty International, Médecin du Monde, Utopia Festival, …) before becoming a live performance producer (La Symphonie Indienne, Circus Baobas, l’Affaire Desombre de Schuiten et Peeter, featuring artists such as Ravi Prasad, Talvin Singh, Régine Chopinot, Ray Lema,…).

He later started working for different institutions and became a line producer (year of Morocco in France, year of Algeria, …). In the early 2000s, he breathes new life into la Bellevilloise, with the help of his associates (Philippe Jupin and Renaud Barillet), becoming a recognized cultural entrepreneur in the process (with the public opening of La Bellevilloise in 2006, the transformation of La Rotonde place Stalingrad in 2012, of La Petite Halle de La Villette in 2013, …)

In 2014, alongside his associate Fabrice Martinez, he specializes in the creation of cultural living spaces, and co-founds the Cultplace cluster. Thanks to their expertise in creating public spaces dedicated to cultural production, Cultplace was able to acquire and open new locations: Totem-Scène Nationale de Sénart (2015), Grand Marché Stalingrad on La Rotonde’s site (2017), Dock B at Pantin (2017), Poinçon-Paris (2017) in the Montrouge station of the former « Little Belt » railway… And starting in 2019: Lyon-Blandain, Brazza Bellevilloise in Bordeaux, Etoile Voltaire in Paris, 88 Ménilmontant …

With expertise in the manufacture, opening of establishments receiving the public and cultural production, he has since created new venues in France and Europe. Self-taught, animated by a tireless curiosity and a love for architecture, he is also an advocate of individual liberties and spreading ideas of progress. He continues to advise and create public spaces that aim to be innovative, pioneering, and open to new ideas and creative initiatives.